periodontal services  Houston, TX

Periodontal Services

Periodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease as well as the process of replacing teeth with dental implants. Periodontists receive up to three years of additional, specialized training in treating periodontal disease and other conditions.

Periodontists are also specialists in treating oral inflammation and any condition requiring either non-surgical treatment or oral plastic surgery. Oftentimes, periodontists are treating conditions caused by periodontal disease and its effects such as persistent bad breath or gum recession.

Scaling & Root Planing  Houston, TX

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling, also known as deep cleaning, involves using specialized equipment like ultrasonic cleaners to remove plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of your teeth and gums.

Root planing involves the smoothening of rough spots caused by a scaling procedure. It prevents further buildup of bacteria and helps the gums reattach to the teeth.

In some cases, Dr. Seretti may recommend medication in the form of specialized gels as part of your therapy. Using them helps reduce the buildup of bacteria, ease swollen gums, and shrink periodontal pockets.

Periodontal therapy is known to prevent the rapid onset of gum disease, help keep your pearly whites bright and your smiles happy.

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